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Title:DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble
Published:28 October 2013
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Listen homeboys don't mean to bust your bubble
But girls of the world ain't nothing but trouble
So next time a girl gives you the play
Just remember my rhyme and get the hell away

Just last week when I was walking down the street
I observed this lovely lady that I wanted to meet
I walked up to her I said hello
She said you're kind of cute I said yes I know
But by the way sweetheart what's your name
She said my friends like to call me exotic Elaine
I said my name is the Prince and she said why
I said well I don't know I'm just a hell of a guy
But enough about me yo let's talk about you
And all the wonderful things that you and I can do
I popped some cash and in a little bit of time
I showed some cash and the girl was mine
I took her over town I wined her and dined her
She ask me did I like her I said well kinda
All of a sudden she jumped out her seat