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Title:Investigating Mystery Abandoned Safe for Lost Secret Clues!
Published:08 August 2018
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What's inside the abandoned mysterious safe we found?! Carl and Jinger team up with Carter Sharer and Lizzy and uncover some strange secret lost clues that look alien!!
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Carl and Jinger Fam team up with Carter Sharer and Lizzy search the abandoned mystery for any new clues! First they search for fingerprints using fingerprint dusting methods. They find strange three fingered prints and collect them for the investigation! Then they test for electrical conductivity and it can conduct electricity too! They also measure the mystery safe for temperature changes and detect a cold temperature drop coming from inside the safe. Carl and Carter Sharer use a spy camera to see what's inside and get a picture of some kind of technology inside the abandoned safe! Then when they use black lights they see incredible symbols appear that glow in the dark like mysterious alien symbols!

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